Fwd: FTTH Services, FTTB Link Service

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Sent: Friday, September 10, 2021 12:08:05 AM
To: Brett Poupard <brettp@neotek.co.za&gt;
Subject: FTTH Services, FTTB Link Service


Disruption Particulars Details
Priority P1
Type Notice
Services FTTH Services, FTTB Link Service
Impact Description Customers may experience problems with no connectivity.
Update Description Please take note of the following planned maintenance scheduled on 13/09/2021 from 05:00 08:00. FTTH & FTTB customers may experience brief disconnects during this time.

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Brett Poupard
5 Edwin Aldren drive, Empangeni
3880, KZN, ZA
t: 0357721480
m: 0721084190
e: brettp@neo365.co.za
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